Why you should use St George Window Washing to clean your windows:


*  St George Window Washing will squeegee clean and wash all of your windows, not just the ones we can easily reach.

*  After squeegeeing, we polish all of your windows to remove any streaks. We do this with our exclusive to us, window polish formula.

*  Over 5 years experience washing windows. We know what we’re doing. Because of this you know your windows will be cleaned right the first time.

*  We provide a 100% money back guarantee that you’ll love the work we do for you. 


We give a 30 day FREE rain reclean service. If it rains within the 30 days after we clean your windows, text us and we’ll come back to get your windows back to perfect again.

Get your windows cleaned or get an estimate:

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “What do you charge to wash windows?” 

Answer: As of this writing we charge $3 to clean the outside of a 4’X4′ window. We charge $2 to clean the inside of a 4’X4′ window. Large windows are more, small windows are less.

Question: “Why should I hire St George Window Washing vs. any other window washing company?” 

Answer: Two reasons: 1. We have a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. 2. We provide a 30 rain guarantee. If it rains and your windows get spotted within 30 days after we clean your windows, we’ll come back and make them sparkle again.  No other window washing service provides this.

Question: “What happens if you damage one of my windows (or something else)?”

Answer: We have a $1,000,000 business liability insurance policy. If we damage something either we will pay for the repair, or our insurance company will.

Question: “How often should I have my windows cleaned?” 

Answer: Most of my customers have their windows cleaned inside and out every 6 months. If I was doing my own windows I would do them about every 3 months.

I’ve found that well cared for windows get cleaner and usually stay cleaner than ones that have been neglected.

Question: “What time of year is best for window cleaning?”

Answer: It depends on where you live and how often you have your windows cleaned.

For example: I lived in Phoenix for many years. You didn’t want your windows cleaned during monsoon season because of the rain and dust. Ask yourself, “when is it likely that my windows will get rained or snowed on (or dust blown) and skip that time of year.

If you have a schedule that you stick to for window cleaning for instance every 3 months, just stick to your schedule.

Question: “What will you use to clean my windows?” 

Answer: For scrubbing and squeegeeing the windows I use tap water and a little Dawn dishwashing detergent.

The spray bottle is my polishing mix and has purified water, Dawn dishwashing detergent, and rubbing alcohol.

Question: “My windows are foggy and I can’t get them clean. Why did this happen?” 

Answer: Foggy windows are caused by moisture getting in between the two panes of glass that make up your window. The moisture is getting in there because the seal that holds the moisture out is no longer working right.

This usually happens in windows that are face west or south which leads me to believe that sunlight or heat is causing the issue.

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