Window Cleaning Prices

Here are our prices to wash your windows:

How we work: When you call, we set an appointment to clean your windows. When we show up to do the work, we will do a window and screen count and give you a price. If you approve the price, we will do the work right then.


We charge $3 to clean the outside of an average sized (4’X4’) window.


We charge $3 to clean the inside of an average sized (4’X4’) window.


High windows (like a transom-above door windows) are counted as 2 to 4 windows.


Window screens are $1 each to clean. We will include this cost in the price we quote you.


Small windows are half the price. We charge large windows-based on size.


We usually count two sliding glass doors at 3 or 4 windows. Cleaning the screen of the sliding glass door is included in the cost.


Mirrors are $5 per mirror.


We will charge you more to remove hard water stains. This compensates us for the additional time it takes. Price depends on how bad or large the stain is.


Ceiling fan cleaning is $5 per fan.


We can change air filters at $10 each.


Decorative front lights are $5 each to clean. $10 if we clean the inside of the light fixture.